Pat Parker specializes in the following wear for the discerning man



She can also provide matching pocket handkerchiefs upon request. In addition customised waistcoats can be made covering aspects of work by such artists as Kandinsky, Chagall, Matisse, Braque, Picasso, and Dufy. However, Should you wish to commission a work, she would be more than pleased to advise and work with you.

Most of Pat's designs are handpainted, but she has now introduced a range of digital prints for certain designs.


Pat Parker has worked and taught predominatly in London, where she lives.

She graduated with a first class honours degree from London's Camberwell School of Art and Craft, where she specialised in textile printing and design.

Her career has covered teaching all aspects of textile dying and printing, including working at the Royal College of Art, Central St Martin's College of Art, and Chatham Technical College, along with part- time teaching in various Schools and colleges in and around London. She has done specialised work for productions at Covent Garden Opera House, and a number of people working in television and the music industry.